Anglican Church of the Epiphany


The history of the Anglican Church of the Epiphany in Rimbey is a most exciting and eventful one to recount. It is a history of many faithful people worshipping, working, caring for and supporting one another with the type of happiness that grows within a real Christian family.

In the early nineteen hundreds settlers started to come into this area to take up farms and homesteads. By 1907 there were a lot of Anglican families scattered around the district, so they decided to build a church as religion played a great part in their lives. They contacted Bishop Pinkham, the Bishop of the Calgary Diocese and were informed that grants were available to build churches. The initial grant to Rimbey would have named the church, "St. Ninian, the Apostle of Galway". An English gentleman donated the money to build a church in memory of his wife. He stipulated that it must be made of native wood and the logs were to be placed in an upright position rather than the usual lengthwise position. The body of the church was built of logs that were twenty feet by thirty-six feet long. The chancel was built of native lumber that were twelve feet by six feet long. There was a small vestry built to the south. At the entrance to the church was a vestibule and bell tower that was from an old school from London England.


Original Church of Epiphany located in Pas-ka-poo Park

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